Peruvian Cuisine

Peru’s eclectic cuisine has recently been earning acknowledgement as one of the worlds finest. Between 2010 and 2012 London went from having just one solitary Peruvian restaurant, to five, with more to come… and as recently as December 2012 Peru won “Best Culinary Destination” at The World Travel Awards. Suddenly, and deservedly, everyone is talking about Peruvian food.

Criolla is the name given to the traditional Peruvian style of cooking (which usually involve meats, particularly chicken or sea food, blended with Peruvian aji chillies, lime juice and red onions and served over rice or potato), however that just skims the surface as the variety, beauty and complexity of the food and flavours any traveller to Peru will be able to experience. At Go Andes we believe the food you eat contributes just as much to any travel experience as the beautiful places you visit, and Peruvian food is as rich and diverse as its wildlife and birdlife and archaeology.


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