Caral – The Oldest Civilisation

Personal blog by the founders of Go Andes:

At Go Andes we are always proud and privileged to be working in this industry. The aim of our business is to give others the opportunity to be able to visit amazing destinations, experience wondrous travel, and basically create great experiences and memories that people will take home forever. We have lived these experiences ourselves and only want to share them with you – our fellow travellers!

Additionally we also love researching new destinations, new tours, new places to visit, and offer fellow travellers something new and unique, but equally memorable.

We were incredibly proud and grateful to be offered the opportunity recently journeyed on a tour to the wonderful ruined city of Caral, north of Lima. Only discovered very recently, Caral is a sprawling site spread over more than 60 acres and encompassing more than 8 pyramids.

However the most impressive part of Caral is that it is the oldest discovered civilisation in the whole of the Americas, around 5000 years old and possible pre-dating the Egyptian pyramids. This discovery has made archaeologists rethink their understanding of American archaeology.

Visiting Caral is currently quite difficult, only by private tour from Lima (the journey takes around 3 hours each way by private vehicle). We can offer this private tour as part of any holiday to Lima – just ask for details. We highly recommend you do try to visit soon – currently only around 10-15 non-Peruvian tourists visit the site per day (compared to thousands to Machu Picchu), however the Peruvian government has plans to fully restore this site over the next 15 years and convert it into the Machu Picchu of the Pacific Coast, with plans to build 5 star hotels, resorts and the basics of a tourist support network over the next few years… so visit now before the crowds start to arrive!


The directors of Go Andes visit Caral on a research trip.

The directors of Go Andes visit Caral on a research trip.